From the time our partnership begins with a client all the way to delivery and beyond, we become fully captivated in brand stories, company cultures, and business objectives.


Our animation team uses the best animation software when building anything for our clients. Making logos move to building full animated ads for TV or social media. Maebird has provided animation services for brands across the nation, so no matter your needs, we will deliver the most compelling content in the highest resolution possible.


Our experts are FAA Part 107 Licensed SUAS and insured pilots, providing you with the best photography & videography from an aerial perspective. We also have an extensive background in film, cinematic visuals, and media post-production capabilities. Contact us to get a quote and find out how aerial content can help your business today.


While live events are growing in popularity, Maebird can deliver the clearest quality to your viewers no matter the scale of your project. Mixing animation and custom scoring during your live steam will ensure to captivate any audience. With the onset of COVID-19, many organizations are moving towards holding live events online – find out how we can assist you.


The role of our production team doesn’t begin when the filming begins. It starts the moment our partnership begins. We dig deep with our fact-finding methods to get a better understanding of what your business does, why you do it, and who benefits from it. We translate those facts into compelling video for television and engaging social media. We work with you to ensure your goals are met with distinctive content catered to your business needs and expectations.

"Great people work here. These guys have passion for what they do. Their energy is contagious!"

Luke Maguire



Great content can easily fall flat if not supported by proper placement. We drive results to brands looking to expand their marketing, enter a new vertical, and find new opportunities.



Once a decision has been made with the client to move forward, we begin to analyze the options to maximize exposures. allowing your message to be seen or heard as often as possible. We make it our business to know where your customer utilizes media, and we negotiate with our media vendors to reach as many potential customers as possible in the most cost-efficient way.

SOCIAL MEDIA-marketing-interface-program-application


We couple your ideal demographic and geographic data to create smart social advertising plans to reach your repeat and potential customers where they are. We monitor and refine campaigns to ensure they deliver consistent messaging to both repeat and new potential customers consistently. 86% of marketers utilize both paid and organic social media management, and we provide the services to oversee both, allowing for consistency within your social media for your brand. Social media can be a large part of your overall marketing strategy. With the right content, frequency, voice, and execution, your social media account has the potential to grow your business quickly.


Billions of people hit the internet every day in search of products and services. Prioritizing your brand to be among the first to appear in their search could be the rise or fall of your business. Once consumers land on your page, research shows within the first 15 seconds they have already formed a decision on your product or service. With this short time span, the correct landing page could be key to your success.

"If you're looking to bring your brand to the next level, Maebird is the team we partner with when we want to look good."

Chris Kurtz, Mediatwist Group



Understanding goals and opportunities is our focus in consulting. Having a vision for success is all of our partners' goals and we work side by side to help them achieve these endless possibilities.


We have developed innovative software solutions for clients across industries and verticals, helping them connect with their customers in ways never before possible. Our Customer Experience Manager™ software enables just-in-time communication with key customers, clients, and stakeholders at every step of their relationship with your business, increasing sales and decreasing workload for employees.


Knowing when and how to start a campaign is just as important as having the correct plan. After research and collection of exhaustive data points, Maebird has proven success for companies like Window World and MI Windows and Doors. Find out how we can take the information you already have and launch your brand to the moon.



Branding can be the most rewarding and fun part of starting a new business. Your name, culture and product all represent your brand. Branding is also the most important part of a successful marketing campaign. Identifying the correct style of branding for our clients is the key to proven success with Maebird.

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